When it Rains…

It pours.

One of my kids left the door to the freezer open. All the food in there went bad. I spent the morning before work helping empty everything into the trash and then, when I went to work, my wife and kids continued the cleanup until my wife had an accident and I got to take her to urgent care to have her wrist looked at.

She is basically OK, just a good amount of bruising but thankfully no sprain or break.

Today basically sucked.


The Stinger would have been out yesterday except my wife said to me “There’s a leak under the kitchen sink.”

Sooooo, yeah. I got to go and get a new disposal because the one in there was leaking from the bottom. That resulted in redoing some of the fittings and replacing the shut off valves because the hot water one didn’t work.

All in all a fun weekend of home improvement…

The new unit – lifetime warranty for corrosion so this shouldn’t need replacing.

Radio Silence

Sorry I have been pretty much silent this last week or so. Had one of the team out and I have been covering his clients which has been a ton of work. I have started on the Champion and yes, I am recording it from start to finish so if you want, you can watch the long process of the madness I call a work flow. Things should get back to normal levels of crazy next week.

I am going to be releasing the Stinger this weekend, I have it done and just have to pose and shoot it. Hoping to have the Champion done next week for modeling.


Yes, that one is up next. I am taking this week to do some background stuff that needs to be done, plus there have been some really big projects at work I’ve been involved in so minimal modeling this week and to be picked up this weekend.

So I apologize for the radio silence, it’s just one of those times.

Emails and Billing

Hey everyone. So I have finally been digging into my order history and marking items completed.

If for some reason you get an email saying you are being charged, let me know. There should be no charges to you on these old order statuses. I have just been very lax and clearing them out of the order history screen.


Jumping Josephat!!!

I’m adding one more group to this build. A version of each variant jumping. I’ve designed it so the jump plume can be printed separate and glued on or you can combine them in something like 3D builder and print as one object.

So, they are almost done. The missile trails are finished and I will be packaging it all up and getting it out ASAP.

Plus, remember the sale is still going on until the 4th so go over to the store and stock up on whatever mechs you missed. 30% off the total of your cart. Discount code is FREEDOMBIRD